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I'm Jesse Anderson and I am the owner and head trainer of Jesse Anderson Fitness.  I was born in Northern California but have been raised in the Bay Area for most of my life.  I have been passionate about fitness for as long as I can remember.  I love to be busy and active so I am usually on the go.  I enjoy hiking, playing basketball, snowboarding, playing tackle football and even wrestling.  I was an athlete my entire school career and played on championship winning basketball teams.  Growing up I always knew that my career would involve health or fitness in some aspect but I was never sure exactly how.  I tried out a couple of other careers but in the end, Personal Training is what I am passionate about.   I am currently pursuing my education in nutrition and muscle definition.  I am eager to learn as much as I can about the fitness industry.  I love helping people reach their goals and ultimately help them to be the best they can be.  I pride myself in my "no-nonsense, back to basics" approach to personal training and have seen many people achieve their goals with my help.  I am not one of those trainers who sits down while barking commands to you or is 40 pounds overweight while telling you how you can get thin or fit.   I practice healthy, clean living every day of my life.  I am in the gym working on my personal fitness goals every single day.  I have competed in national physique competitions and I know the hard work and determination it takes to reach your goals and look your best.  I also know how GREAT it feels to be in shape and feel strong.  I am excited to help people find that for themselves.  


Workout Package 

NOTE**  I require all clients meet me for a free introductory meeting before purchasing any training packages.  This helps me assess what will be the best option for you and your goals and also gives both of us a chance to see if we are going to be a good fit.

Contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation:  408-614-3397


2 x's a week/8 sessions per month          $80 per session   

3 x's a week/12 session per month          $70 per session

            virtual training

2 x's a week/8 sessions per month          $60 per session  

3 x's a week/12 sessions per month        $55 per session 

**For further package pricing details, please contact me directly.  408-614-3397


Nutrition coaching


Weekly macronutrient adjustments including your protein, fats, carbohydrates, and daily calorie intake. Along with adjustments your plan will have your meals planned out throughout the day on exactly when you should be eating them based off of your goals. With this option you will also get two video calls each month to fully go over your plan in more detial. 

Nutrition plays such a major role in your everyday lives. It affects almost everything we do! Developing healthy nutritional habits can improve your life in every aspect! Working with different clients throughout the years I've noticed many people suffer on so many different levels just from poor eating/hydration choices and don't even realize how much of an effect it can have on there day!  Not even knowing how they could potentially feel with improved eating habits. My goal here is to guide you into making better eating choices while helping you understand why it's important and laying out better habits that fit into your lifestyle. 

          One time plan-$120

This plan is a great option if you're looking for more of a guideline on what to be eating. This option still has the customization but without the further adjustments. This plan includes a fully customized nutrition plan with tailored macronutrients including your daily protein allowance, carbohydrate intake, fat intake and overall calorie intake. 

Personal Trainer



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